Enclosed Decks - Storm Windows on a Three-Season Porch

Create a porch enclosure using triple track storm windows or removable storm panels and extend the seasons!

Love your screened-in porch? You’d probably love it even more if you could extend the time you could enjoy it.

Of course, you could always build a whole new porch, but that can be costly. There are some good options to enclose your porch with storm windows and storm panels at a reasonable cost.

Generally, storm windows add 6 to 8 weeks of additional use in the spring and fall. If you get full sun in the springtime, that timeframe may be extended even more. And even in New England, a sunny day in the middle of winter could produce a 30-degree temperature rise on the porch for partial use.

There are two approaches to using storm windows and panels on your porch…

Option 1: Storm Panels

Not only do storm panels make your porch much more comfortable, they can also greatly add to the appearance of your home. The sleek look of glass from the street adds beauty and significant value to your home as well as providing a bright sunny room to hang out in.

In this case storm panels were added over the existing screens. There were not any carpentry modifications and the price was very affordable. The homeowner removes them seasonally though he has the option of taking out as many as he wants.

A homeowner hired us to cut out the existing screens. In its place, removable screen panels and storm panels were added. There were no carpentry modifications, making the price very affordable. The homeowner removes them seasonally as they desire, and can also choose to swap out as many or as little as they want.

Meanwhile, another homeowner built an enclosure and hired us to make storm windows to enclose it. To grab as much light at possible, he added some neat triangle transoms.

Option 2: Operable Storm Panels with Screens

Many people love the option of being able to let in pleasant weather and block out unpleasant weather quickly and easily.

This is achievable with a double or triple track storm window.

On nice days and evenings you can open the window in seconds and enjoy the weather and breeze with just the screen in place.

With Larson double or triple track storm panels, you can feel the warm breeze or make your porch comfy and cozy in seconds.

3 season porch window screen

Example of a 3-season porch with storm windows

An example of tracking in a triple-track window

An example of tracking in a triple-track window

Both options are much less expensive and quicker than replacing your screened in porch and add months of use. It is like adding a whole extra room to your house.